void release

April 16, 2019
Photo of artwork from Lead Salad Void (ep)

Today I’m releasing my first EP, “Void”. The music is available on all major streaming platforms.

I like playing in a band, but this is me figuring out my solo process. Playing with sounds until something sticks. Competing with my obsessive perfectionism and voices of artistic inadequacy.

I’m not going to spend much time or effort selling myself. I won’t shove this down your throat. I’m just gonna be the best version of myself and make music that I like.

And maybe that’s enough.

Void was composed, produced and mixed by Ryan Sellick, and mastered by Jeremy Woods.

I’m dedicating this EP to the memory of my mother, Vicki J. Sellick, and two of my best friends, Zane Halverson and Kurt H. Lowery II.